Simple Kids' Calming Strategies for Complex Stressful Times

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ABC Cheat Sheet of Calming & Coping

In these uncertain, mind-bending times, kids need calming strategies and coping skills more than ever. 

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A guide to simple tools your child can use to self-manage difficult emotions: Anxiety, Anger, Agitation, Sensory Overload


26 quick and easy strategies for help calming down.


One page cheat sheet you can pull out at a moment's notice.


Extra space to customize with your own notes & strategies.

How Can This Cheat Sheet Help Your Family?


Tools to manage anger and agitation. Avoid & shorten meltdowns.


Reminders of basic coping skills to alleviate anxiety.


Strategies for calming sensory overload, overwhelm and emotional distress.

ABC's of Calming & Coping

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