Feeling Overwhelmed By Your Child's Recent ADHD Diagnosis?

This FREE "Now What?" Resource Guide for Parents will help you navigate your next steps with confidence.

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  • Learn what to expect after your child is diagnosed with ADHD
  • Get a roadmap for moving forward and creating a plan
  • Get tips and strategies for making things easier for yourself and your family
  • Find helpful advice and resources from other parents who have been in your shoes

After learning your child has ADHD, the future can feel overwhelming and uncertain. You may feel like you don't know where to start or what to do next. This concise guide will help orient you and provide a roadmap for figuring out the next steps and creating a plan for going forward.

Your FREE "Now What?" Resource Guide Includes:

  • Essential advice on educating yourself about ADHD
  • An overview of the available treatment options and making an informed decision for your family
  • Tips on communicating with teachers, advocating for your child, and ensuring your child's educational needs are met
  • Information on where to look for resources to build a support system
  • A roadmap for creating an informed action plan tailored to your family's needs

Feel more confident and empowered as you move forward in your family’s journey with ADHD!